KROL's Broadband Service offers a high-speed, high quality, low cost and easy to use Internet connection for homes, empowering consumers to explore the true potential of the Internet.

KROL Broadband as a service is not just ahead of any other service, but is flexible and scalable to keep pace with increasing Internet needs.

KROL Broadband enables:

  • High Speeds
  • Flexible Products
  • No telephone

It therefore does not require a modem, does not block the telephone line, nor run up telephone call charges. This is because KROL Broadband runs on a Hybrid Technology that includes an Ethernet Network and Wireless Network for the last mile to a building.

PoP: Point of Presence representing a node of KROL's backbone network-AP's largest and most sophisticated today.

This unique, cost effective and high quality service is currently available in Twin Cities covering almost all the areas making us one of the leading broadband Internet service providers in Hyderabad. This is a service designed specially for discerning home users for information, entertainment or communications.

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