We offer Broadband packages(Unlimited) including customized solutions based on customer requirements.

Features & benefits :
The following are some of the advantages that we can speak of for Internet Bandwidth Sales

  • Prompt Service Provisioning * No WaitingTime * Congestion Free Network
  • Committed Information Rate * Very High UPTIME * Double Redundant Backbone

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Prices: Service tax is applicable for all the items mentioned in the proposal as per the latest government norms and notifications. Any further change in the tax and duty implications will be borne by the customer from time to time based on any revisions made by the government.

  2. Lead – time for the entire Implementation:2 working days from the date of purchase order along with advance. The actual time might vary depending on the practicalities.

  3. Payment Terms: Bandwidth charges: payable in advance monthly /quarterly /half yearly/ yearly basis.

  4. The term of contract is for a minimum duration of 1 year. Notice period for termination of disconnection – One month.

  5. The usage / application of Internet Bandwidth by the customer should be well within the rules, regulations guidelines/mentioned by the TRAI, Ministry of Telecommunications, and other government Authorities.

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